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LET IT GROW | Part 6 | What on earth to plant?

Our #GrowSustainableFood Series delivered directly from the Sustainable Table is designed to help you do just that – grow sustainable food at home. No matter where you live or what your space, we want to empower you to get growing, to nurture and to enjoy. Here we give you the tools you need to commence. All you need is a big fat ‘yes I can’ attitude!

So, what should you plant? Over here in Oz, we are well and truly into Autumn and are well on our way to Winter, it’s sadly not be the best time to plant tomatoes…but the good news? It’s a GREAT time to plant dark, leafy greens.

The Little Veggie Patch Co. shared a succinct and wonderful run-down of what veggies to plant, when.

Starting now, it’s a good idea to plant fast-growing greens such as kale, silverbeet, lettuce and Bok Choy – great because you can pick them a leaf at a time. Complemented by broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrot, cauliflower and garlic, come December you’ll have quite the festive spread…

Click here to read their suggested Autumn planting list.

Tomorrow we will share information on planting seedlings, which is a good option for those gardeners who want to see results a little sooner..stay tuned!

Thank you for the info Little Veggie Patch co. and thank you for the visual Urban Secret Gardens.

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