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LET IT GROW | Part 12 | What are you growing?

Our #GrowSustainableFood Series delivered directly from the Sustainable Table is designed to help you do just that – grow sustainable food at home. No matter where you live or what your space, we want to empower you to get growing, to nurture and to enjoy. Here we give you the tools you need to commence. All you need is a big fat ‘yes I can’ attitude!

We love celebrating home-grown food.

Sustainable Table Co-founder, Cassie, grows food in abundance – here you can find a picture of her home-grown pumpkins, as well as her beautiful nod to Mother’s Day: “What better day to show off one’s garden bounty than on Mother’s Day. I know today can be complicated and painful for some, just as much as it is a joyous celebration of love, growth and family for others. Whatever camp you’re in, nothing is more important than celebrating the mother of all mothers, Mother Nature herself.

So today, as our social media feeds fill with images of the best part of humanity, let’s take a moment to pause in celebration of the Mother who made it all possible. Get out in your garden or take a walk and celebrate nature and abundance, because without her, the brunches, the FaceTime catch-ups, the parcels of love left on doorsteps would not be possible.

COVID-19 has left a mark on us all, but it has also allowed Mother Nature to breathe. Let’s think about how we can fight to keep her airways clear as restrictions begin to lift. Thank you Mother Nature, you’re a real treasure, my thanks go out to you today, and all days. Love Cassie xx”

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