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LET IT GROW | Part 8 | Growing in small spaces

Our #GrowSustainableFood Series delivered directly from the Sustainable Table is designed to help you do just that – grow sustainable food at home. No matter where you live or what your space, we want to empower you to get growing, to nurture and to enjoy. Here we give you the tools you need to commence. All you need is a big fat ‘yes I can’ attitude!

Good news!

As The Spruce says, “you don’t need a lot of space to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.” You don’t need a sweeping backyard to have a bountiful vegetable garden; all you need is good soil, plenty of sunshine and water.

Yes, we understand you may not be able to feed the masses with your smaller vegetable garden, but you will begin to appreciate the seasons like never before and you’ll be amazed by the huge capacity of a tiny space. Herbs, leafy greens, lettuces are fabulous year-round additions to every meal, and they’re often the items that go soggy in the bottom of the fridge, so why not pick them fresh from your mini patch instead!

This article shares The Spruce’s top tips on growing vegies in small spaces. Have a read and have a go – they even share ways you can grow vegies in-doors!

Thanks The Spruce for the wisdom and thanks About The Garden Magazine for the imagery.

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