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LET IT GROW | Part 2 | Setting up a veggie garden... fast

Our #GrowSustainableFood Series delivered directly from the Sustainable Table is designed to help you do just that – grow sustainable food at home. No matter where you live or what your space, we want to empower you to get growing, to nurture and to enjoy. Here we give you the tools you need to commence. All you need is a big fat ‘yes I can’ attitude!


So, where to even start with growing your own food?

Lindsay from Treading My Own Path shares a great post titled “How to set up a vegetable garden…fast” – as you can probably tell from the title, it’s a quick one-two on how to get your garden up and running.

As Lindsay says: “It seems that growing vegetables is everybody’s new priority, as veggie seedlings and packets of seeds have become the new toilet roll – selling out everywhere.” We couldn’t agree more, and let’s face it, edibles seem like a more sensible thing to spend your coin on, than hoarding toilet paper!

Click here to learn more: whether you want to grow straight in the earth; raised garden beds or smaller containers, she’s got all the tips: “If you’re a beginner, have a read. If you’re more advanced, add your own tips and ideas. Team effort – let’s get all those veggies growing!”.

Thank you Lindsay for the info and imagery – we love all that you do.

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