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We look to ABC Gardening Australia for this months TO DO's in the garden.


  • Winter has finally begun but, in cool temperate gardens, resist the urge to prune deciduous fruit trees until the end of this month, to ensure they are well into winter dormancy.

  • If your garden is lacking some cool colour and fragrance, pop in some stock (Matthiola incana) This annual is perfect for pots and bedding and has the most delicious spice scented flowers.

  • Fruit trees in a small space – no dramas. Look for bare-rooted miniature or multi-grafted stone and pome fruits at your local nursery now, perfect plants for small spots or large pots.


  • It’s the perfect weekend to check your tree ties. Replace broken or frayed ties, loosen any that are too tight around trunks, and take off forgotten plant tags.

  • Keep a lookout for the native Cotton Bush (Spyridium scortechinii) - a stunning shrub that puts on a glorious winter display of rusty coloured flower buds followed by white flowers.

  • Amazing azaleas and ravishing rhododendrons are hitting their peak flowering period now, but if your plants are all bud and no bloom, feed them with fertiliser appropriate for acid-loving plants

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